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Four Hearts

I have been thinking of the four kinds of hearts Jesus talked about in his parable of the sower.

HARD HEARTS  –  The religious people had hard hearts!  In fact Jesus became angry with them over their hard hearts.  Their hearts were so hard that they plotted to kill Jesus when he healed a man with a withered hand on the Sabbath Day.  Religion can cause people’s hearts to be so hard.  I just read about someone who was killed for converting to Christianity from Islam.  No wonder so many people are turned off by religion.  Religion is usually a set of man made rules and rituals.  Sometimes there is a mix of truth with error.  Religion blinds people to the truth about Jesus.  I have never found it to be helpful to argue with someone who is religious.

I’m so thankful that there is a HUGE difference between religion and a relationship with Jesus.  We cannot earn our relationship with Jesus by doing religious works.  He offers Himself to us freely by His Grace.  In great love for us He took our punishment for our sins when He died on the cross.  He rose again from the dead to prove that He is God!  All who believe on Him receive a free pardon for their sins, since He has already paid for them.  All who believe on Him receive the free gift of Eternal Life.  All who believe on Him have the opportunity to get to know Him both in this life and then spend eternity with him in Heaven!

Jesus lives His life in and through the believer!  What an Amazing Saviour we have!  What a great life to live here on earth!  Christ in you the Hope of Glory.  Colossians 1:27

One last Good News!  Jesus can break the hardest hearts and rescue them from their unbelief and sin!  Amazing God

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If money were no object…..

If money were no object what would you really like to do?  Travel?  Buy something or several somethings?  Give to a Charity?  What would you really like to do if you had all the money you ever needed or wanted?

My wife and I have talked about going to Italy for a year.  We would find a Tuscan Villa to live in and then just write.  Both of us would like to write a book.  We want to share some of the amazing things God has allowed us to do and to go through.  On the weekends we would travel around Italy and see all the sights of the nation that has more “comeback tourists” than any other.

But then my wife has this passion for helping Orphans in Vietnam.  So I think if she had all the money she could ever want she would invest in all the lives of orphans in Vietnam and any other country for that matter.  Wouldn’t that be the most ful-filling and satisfying thing imaginable?  I think helping anyone who is in need would be the best life you could live.

If only……we focused on meeting the needs of others instead of living for ourselves!  Imagine what could be done to make this world a better place.

What would you really like to do if money were no object?